How To Read SMD Resistor Code

SMD stand for floor mount machine and when you restore LCD displays, you’ll come throughout a number of SMD parts. CRT displays not often use SMD thus it’s fairly simple to search out out the parts worth. On this article, I will talks about SMD resistor code and the way you can calculate the values. This SMD resistor codes is completely different from the traditional resistor hex color code code (shade bands) you had seen within the digital circuit boards. Floor mount resistors could be very a lot smaller in measurement than the traditional carbon movie resistor and due to this the numbers and letters had been stamped upon or printed on the highest facet of the element.

These numbers and letters have a which means and you can use that as data to search out out or calculate the need resistance values. Typically the resistors are designed in a really small measurement till we have now problem to learn the code. Through the use of a magnifier glass we may simply learn the resistor codes.

There are two sorts of floor mount resistors utilized in an digital circuit board-the 3-digit and 4-digit code SMD. The primary two digits characterize the 2 digits within the reply. The third digit represents the variety of zero’s you could place after the 2 digits. The reply shall be in Ohms. For instance: 104 which imply 10 0000 (4 zero’s) and the ultimate reply is 100k. Let’s calculate the 4 digit SMD, 1182 which imply 118 00 (2 zero’s) and the ultimate reply is 11.8k.

3 Digit Instance 4 Digit Instance 0R1=0.1 Ohm 0000= 0 ohms= hyperlink or jumper R33=0.33 Ohm 00R1=0.1 Ohm 8R2= 8.2 Ohm 0R47=0.47 Ohm 220 is 22 Ohm and never 220 ohms 1R00=1 Ohm 331= 330 Ohms 1000= 100 Ohm 473=47000 or 47k 8202= 82000=82k

Measuring floor mount resistors could be very simple with the assistance of digital multimeter. Many of the instances if you test straight on the SMD resistors, you’ll get the correct studying even with out lifting a resistor lead. However not all digital multimeter can carry out this sort of take a look at. Choose solely the one which has the output voltage (measure on the probes) of lower than 0.6 volts in order that it will not set off any semiconductor units that may give you a false studying. As soon as you understand how to calculate the SMD resistor code and utilizing the correct technique to take a look at SMD resistors on board , you can test a number of SMD resistors within the shortest time.

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